Towards a National Housing Policy for Egypt


June 2013

Lack of affordable housing for a large proportion of Egypts households was one of the main grievances driving the popular revolt. Egypt lacks a long-term policy framework for its housing sector and over the past decades implemented ad hoc programs without a clear vision of the role of private and non-profit sectors vis--vis that of the state. The Minister of Housing prioritized the formulation of a National Housing Policy that would set principles and formulate guidelines for the operation of the housing sector for future years. A draft of a comprehensive National Housing Policy was discussed at workshop on June 24, 2013, with representatives of all relevant stakeholders, including Ministries, public authorities, private sector, developers, banks, mortgage finance companies, academia, political parties, civil society and NGOs. The Government of Egypt and the World Bank asked IHFPs Marja Hoek-Smit to provide inputs in the process of finalizing Egypts first National Housing Policy.