Annual Housing Finance Course during the first two weeks of June at the Zell/Lurie Real Estate Center, University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. This course provides an intensive two-week period of education in policy innovations, and institutional, financial and managerial aspects of housing finance. The course has two objectives: enhancing the professional ability of the participants; and improving the short- and long-term effectiveness of their sponsoring organizations. Participants come from private and non-profit housing finance institutions, government housing finance agencies and regulatory institutions, international development agencies and academic institutions from both advanced and emerging economies. The program has trained more than 1000 persons from over 50 countries. Course topics change and are designed to meet the needs of each year’s participant group. Course modules include:


  • Innovations and Reforms in Housing Finance Systems
  • Primary Market Innovations: Mortgage Instruments, Loan Origination and Administration
  • The Business of Housing Finance: Profitability and Risk
  • Valuation of Mortgages and Mortgage Instruments
  • Housing Finance and E-Merging Technology
  • Multiple Ways to Access Capital Markets for Housing Finance
  • Consumer Protection · Safety and Soundness of Financial Institutions
  • Housing Markets and Housing Policy
  • Extending Mortgage Lending and Housing Services to Lower Income Groups
  • Community Lending Institution’s Role and Development
  • Subsidizing Housing



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