The International Housing Finance Program (IHFP) is part of the Samuel Zell and Robert Lurie Real Estate Center at The Wharton School. IHFP develops and organizes different types of educational programs and activities.


1. The annual International Housing Course at Wharton School - first two weeks of June

The need for objective and analytical education in housing finance has never been greater. Many countries are transforming their housing finance systems in response to recent global changes in risk regulations, government guarantees and subsidies, and the development of capital markets.


2. The annual Workshop on Securitization and Mortgage Bonds - two days following the June course

The workshop provides hands-on teaching in the preparation of mortgage securitizations, mortgage bond and hybrid deals. It is taught by senior practitioners from the international capital markets dividions of major investment banks, legal experts from international specialized law firms and rating agencies.


3. The Wharton-Cape Town University Business School Course on Housing Finance in Sub-Saharan Africa - first week of Octorber

The course, conducted jointly with the Business School of Cape Town University in South Africa, is a one-week intensive course tailored to the Sub-Saharan African context.


4. The Wharton-Habitat for Humanity Housing Finance Course - first week of September 2015

The Wharton-Habitat for Humanity Housing Finance course, part of the Asia-Pacific Forum, provides unique insights into the Asia-Pacific mortgage finance markets. Participants learn about the risks, costs and profitability of housing finance and how it can be expanded to lower income market segments.


Established in 1985 the International Housing Finance Program celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2010. Special presentations given at the celebration are available here. A detailed history of the program is also provided in the 25th Anniversary Commemorative Pamphlet.