Mr. Ken Dorph is a leading global expert in financial institution and financial system strengthening. Mr. Dorph began his career in Citibank and Smith Barney, and has worked with the IFC / World Bank Group. For the past twenty years, Mr. Dorph has been consulting in financial institutions worldwide, first with Booz Allen Hamilton and more recently with his own firm, Sag Harbor Consulting. He has worked with a broad range of financial institutions developing strategy and designing and implementing risk management systems.


Mr. Dorph has a deep experience reviewing and strengthening banks and financial systems worldwide. He led the assessment of the Mexican banks’ net worth after the peso collapse and was also a key team member during a similar review in Indonesia during the Asian financial crisis. Mr. Dorph has worked as an advisor on strategy and risk management to the World Bank, the IMF, and a wide range of central banks and supervisors in Latin America (Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil), Asia (China, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan), and the Middle East (Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Yemen). Most recently (2011), Mr. Dorph worked with the Palestinian authorities to help develop a strategy for the Palestinian financial sector.


Mr. Dorph has particular expertise in the Middle East and in Islamic finance. He is a popular speaker on Middle Eastern topics. He has been invited to lecture or has directed programs at the University of California at Berkeley, the Wharton School, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Michigan, the New School, Dowling College, Long Island University, the Egyptian Banking Institute, the Saudi Institute of Banking, the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, the Ross Institute, the Rogers Memorial Library, the John Jermain Library, and Georgetown University. Since 1985, when he launched the GCC’s first shari’ah compliant equity portfolio, he has advised many of the region’s banks and central banks and has developed strategy, written feasibility studies, and drafted governance and risk policies for several leading Islamic banks and Islamic investment companies. He advises the World Bank on Islamic finance has been invited to draft the World Bank’s corporate governance guidelines for Islamic financial institutions.


Mr. Dorph has a Masters of Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Michigan, including a year as a Fulbright Scholar in Damascus, and a Masters of Business Administration from the Wharton School. In addition to studying in Damascus, Mr. Dorph studied at Mohammed V University in Rabat and spent three years in the Peace Corps in Tunisia.