Past Participants of our program had the following comments:


"I came from Nigeria to participate in the Wharton Housing Finance in a Changing Global Environment. I found the workshop fruitful. It has gone a long way to widen my horizon, skill and competency as a mortgage banker. I whole-heartedly recommend the course for every professional mortgage banker from emerging markets because it is capable of impacting our housing policies positively."


"The International Housing Finance Program of Wharton is a very extensive and in-depth course about housing finance in emerging markets. It will give you the tools you need in your everyday job and strategic policy decisions that need to be made in your organization. The teachers are very committed and knowledgeable with a ‘hands-on’ approach." 


"I’m so glad I had the opportunity to participate in the IHFP program. Housing finance systems are critical and urgent for my country, and the top priority now is learning as much as we can from other countries, especially good experiences in emerging markets." 


"The course draws strength from its highly-experiences professors complemented by business practitioners who lay down the foundation for deeply enriching assessment and discussion with high-level participants on a variety of housing topics." 


"This is the A-Z of housing finance. Those involved in housing finance whether from commercial banks, housing banks and other financial institutions must join this course. The program also suits those involved in government policy such as taxation, subsidies, planning and regulation and policies by the Central Bank pertaining to housing finance." 

-- Mr. Saut Pardede, Managing Director/ CFO, Bank Tabungan Negara, Indonesia


"“This is an informative and timely program that exposed and discussed the diverse issues, problems and solutions of housing finance in developing countries with the current global crisis as a background and learning platform. Great experience!." 

-- Mr. Samuel K. Okpattah, Senior Investment Officer, Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), United States


"The IHFP immerses the participants in all aspects of the housing finance world and equips them with the indispensable toolbox to hit the ground running. It is up to the participant to deploy these tools to the most optimal use for the common good!." 

-- Mr. Tapgol Ching-yin, Securities and Exchange Commission, Nigeria


"This is a superb programme. It gives a comprehensive and succinct analysis of all the key issues affecting housing finance and provides an interactive format which facilitates learning from various country examples and professional solutions to enhance housing finance. Definitely worth it!." 

-- Hassan Usman, CEO, ASO Savings and Loans, Nigeria


"Learning more about what you do is important; learning it from great internationally experienced scholars is even more valuable. This is what I have experienced at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania 2009 International Housing Program. Thank You! "

-- Justine Bagyenda, Executive Director of Supervision, Bank of Uganda


"This is an exceptional program which brings together housing finance, microfinance, and low cost housing. A great place to learn about the different ways the world economies are managing their housing finance and low cost housing industries."

-- Amitabh Krishna, Manager-Technical Services, Housing Development Finance Corp. Ltd., India


"As a developer, the course has highlighted the need to share equitably market risk with public authorities and to emphasize the need of government to target subsidies to home owners at the ‘margin’ in order to deepen housing markets."

-- Adrian Ogun, Chief Executive, Houses for Africa (Nigeria) Ltd., Nigeria


"I have been very, very impressed with the course. The content, the flow, the quality of delivery of teachings, and overall management. It is also a great opportunity to discuss key issues with like-minded people, and to network. I congratulate and thank all involved, and please continue this high quality and important programme."

-- Ian Morris, Financial Services Co-ordinator, Homeless International, United Kingdom


"A very well organized intensive course of study that gave all participants the opportunity to share experiences of their markets, and also get the opportunity of learning and discussing from very experienced professors in the field of housing finance and a very well selected group of experts who presented successful cases in their countries."

-- Ola Mohamed Bidair, Head of Marketing and Business Development, Egyptian Mortgage Refinance Company, Egypt